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 Ming Qu Antique House Sdn Bhd (名古城古董屋 )
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  名古城古董傢俬屋 Ming Qu Antique House Sdn Bhd


  Antique Furniture Showrooms in Malaysia 


  1) Antique Shop

 (Klang, Selangor, Malaysia )

  马来西亚古董店 - 吧生 縂行

   46, Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18,  41400 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

  H/P : +6012-3901881 / +6012-2991319

   Tel : 03-33449508


  2) Antique Shop

  ( Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia )

  马来西亚古董店 - 忆保

  No 59 & 61, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

  ( Opposite Jalan Yang Kalsom Chinese Methodist Church, Ipoh ) 

  ( 怡保杨加森卫理公会对面) 

  H/P : +6019-3811319  / Tel : 05-2553119


古典傢俬专卖店 - 黄花梨木,紫檀,酸枝,红木,非洲黄花梨,鸡翅木,榆木,樟木 等等。

We specialize in Huanghuali, Zitan wood, Blackwood, Elm wood and many more. 

- Products inclusive of Mother of Pearl Furniture, Wooden carved Settee, Chinese Altar Table, Console Table, MOP Glass Cabinet, MOP Dining Table, Carved Dining Table, Flower Stands, chinese bed, chinese furniture, chinese tea table, zitan sculpture, huanghuali sculptures, porcelain ware and others.

- Restoration and revarnishing work for your old or broken furniture.

 Call us for quotation of the restoration work.   




 Recommended Product
Cherrywood Multi Compartment Box
Colourful Stones
Ebony wood Zhao Cai Jing Bao Laughing Buddha Incense Burner
Elm Wood 118inch Big TV Cabinet
Elm wood Bu Bu Gao Panel (Type A)
Elm wood Comb Design Stool
Elm wood Horse Drawn Carriage
Elm wood Yu Lan
Fulinmen 24" Altar Table
Heng Feng Yuan Pu Erh Tea
Huanghuali wood Tea Pot
Huanghuali Wood with Marble Screen
Jichi wood Yuan Yi Dining Set - 7pcs
Liu Bao Old Tea
Old Man Playing Er Hu Oil Painting (PPP1)
Red Sun wood Han Gong Hao Ting Settee ( Set of 8pcs )
Red wood Mahjong Table (5pcs)
Zitan wood Palace Lamp ( 1pair )
Antique Kerosene Oil Lamp
Antique Panel 1
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