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African Huanghuali wood Canopy Bed( 非洲黄花梨木架子床 )

RM 41,250.00

  • This gorgeous set of canopy bed is made of African Huanghuali wood.  Wood is origin from Africa and workmanship is done by master craftmen from China. 
  • The bed is beautifully carved with plum blossom motifs. The plum blossom is seen as a of symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring.  Therefore, the plum blossom came to symbolize perseverance and hope, as well as beauty and purity.
  • This canopy bed can be dismantled for easier shipping and transportation. There is no nails used to assemble the bed as traditional joinery techniques are used to make the bed.
  • The bed is a newly made piece. 
  • Size of the bed is as follows  : 

           Length 214cm, Depth 191cm , Height 225.5cm