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Ming Qu Antique House            is a Malaysian-based antique Chinese furniture store. Founded in 1999, we have set the standard for sales of classical furniture and solid wood furniture. Our products include living hall settees, dining sets, chair sets, console tables, altar tables, cabinets, bedroom sets, wall panels, oil paintings, decorative items, carved statues, flower stands, stools, lamps, baskets, carriages, and stones.  

We take great pride in curating our merchandise with care, ensuring the widest variety, highest quality, and the most competitive prices. We regularly travel to China to hand-pick captivating pieces for our customers, including unique antiques and reproductions. Our stock frequently rotates, providing shoppers with an ever-changing selection of new and beautiful items to choose from.

Customers often remark that entering our stores is a feast for the eyes- the rich woods, ornate inlays, and intricate detailing inspire experienced and first-time buyers alike. Our stock ranges from collector's items to antique household furniture, to newly made, hand-painted reproductions, with something to suit every taste. 

In addition to what we have available in-store and online, we have capabilities to design and construct made-to-order furniture and wall panels of any size. Our team of experts can also restore or re-varnish old and broken furniture, using similar, high-quality materials and techniques to return them to their original state. Contact us via email or phone for a quote today! 

Among others, we specialize in the following woods: 

  • Huanghuali 黄花梨木
  • Zitan 紫檀木
  • Blackwood 酸枝木
  • Ebony 花檀
  • Elm 榆木
  • BlackZitan 黑紫檀木
  • Jichi 鸡翅木
  • Merbau 格木
  • Nam 楠木
  • Red ebony 红檀木
  • Rosewood 花梨木
  • African Huanghuali 非洲黄花梨木
  • Camphor 樟木

We take great pride in the condition of all of our pieces. Every order is carefully inspected prior to shipping to address any problems and correct any defects.

If you have questions or are interested in a particular piece, please feel free to visit our stores or contact us today. Our warm customer service team would be delighted to help you!

Phone: +6012-5063690 



*PLEASE NOTE: We regret to inform our customers that our website can only cater to Peninsular Malaysian customers at this time. Please continue to visit the site for updates.

 East Malaysia ( Sabah and Sarawak ) and International customers: Please communicate directly regarding shipping costs by clicking on the Contact Us button.