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African Huanghuali wood Extra Big TV Cabinet 非黄加大电视柜

RM 13,000.00

Material : African Huanghuali wood 材质:非洲黄花梨木
Origin of wood  : Africa 木材原产地:非洲

Workmanship : China using Chinese traditional joinery techniques. Varnish by using hand rubbed natural stain.工艺:中国采用中国传统木工技术。使用手工擦拭的天然清漆。

Dimension 尺寸: L275.5 长 x D49.5 深 x H 227.5cm 高

* The right panel of the cabinet is carved with plum blossom motifs. Plum blossom is a symbol for resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, because plum blossoms often bloom most vibrantly even amidst the harsh winter snow.                   柜右面板刻有梅花图案。梅花象征着中坚韧不拔的毅力,因为梅花往往在严酷的冬雪中也绽放得最为茂盛。

* The left panel of the cabinet is carved with bamboo tree motifs. Bamboo represents moral integrity, resistance, modesty and loyalty.                                                           柜子的左面板雕刻有竹树图案。竹子代表道德正直、抵抗、谦虚和忠诚。

* The centre panel of the cabinet is carved with the wordings " 家和万事兴  or Jia he wan shi xing " that means harmony in the family can breed prosperity in all matters. Harmony brings wealth. A peaceful family will prosper.                                                 家和万事兴,意思是家庭和睦,万事兴旺。和睦则财,家和万事兴。